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Because education is the foundation on which progress is made.
Because a valuable and diverse job market creates greater opportunity for all.
Because it defines the very soul of a successful community.

The Deep Drivers of Change

The Greater Louisville Project defines Deep Drivers of change as the forces that bring about game-changing opportunities for leaders and communities striving for long-term progress. The Greater Louisville Project’s three deep drivers: Education, 21st Century Jobs and Quality of Place, inform our civic agenda and build on momentum to catapult Louisville into the top tier among its peer cities.

Education is the foundation on which progress is made and is the anchor of GLP’s Deep Drivers.  This Deep Driver calls for raising Louisville’s persistently low levels of educational attainment, particularly bachelor degree completion.  Implicit in achieving this goal is a reduction in high school dropouts, an improvement in college preparation, and improved access to and quality of early childhood education. LEARN MORE»

The 21st Century Jobs Deep Driver calls for increasing the proportion of residents engaged in technical and professional occupations with the underlying goal of raising incomes.  Implicit in achieving this goal is providing skills and knowledge training for workers in lower-wage occupations and retaining, growing, and attracting employers that provide professional and technical jobs.  LEARN MORE»

The Deep Driver on Quality of Place calls for strengthening the qualities and characteristics that distinguish Louisville and protecting its strength as a regional hub.  Implicit in this goal is a continued focus on revitalization of the downtown core of Louisville. LEARN MORE»

2013 Special Report on Health

City Report

With this special report, the focus shifts to an issue at the heart of the community’s ability to prosper: the health of its residents and its connection to the city’s progress and competitiveness.

Health is linked—directly and indirectly—to the Deep Drivers of Change. Learn how making incremental changes in our cities health can help Louisville remain competitive among its peer cities with the 2013 Special Report on Health, available for download now.

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