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Increase the proportion of workers employed in higher-value, higher-wage technical and professional jobs to 40% from the current 35%.


Deep Driver: 21st Century Jobs

A peer city comparison of employment in professional and technical jobs shows Louisville has moved up one place since the last report, continuing its advanced up the peer cities ranking from 12th to 8th place since 2000, with about 37% of its residents employed in these types of jobs. However, we’re still short of the 40% goal.

As world economies continue to evolve, this primary indicator for the Greater Louisville Project’s 21st Century Job Deep Driver no longer tells the whole story, calling for a new way to look at the region’s economy in the context of an Innovation Economy. GLP will consider indicators such as regional economic clusters, exports, R&D expenditures, STEM jobs, small business creation and knowledge transfer from ideation to market as a way to measure Louisville’s progress in the Innovation Economy.