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Quality of Place

Reverse current trends in order to retain 70% of the regional population and 60% of the regional job base in Louisville Metro in order to ensure its continued strength as the hub of the Region.


Deep Driver: Quality of Place

While Louisville’s population grew 7% over the last decade, many surrounding counties grew at a faster rate and the city lost ground in its share of the region’s 1.2 million population. If this trend continues, it could threaten the core density that is crucial to a city’s vitality.

The combination of a vibrant city with well-paying jobs is essential to creating the quality of place that appeals to an educated, highly-skilled workforce. The addition of 7,200 young adults in the last decade may be an indication that Louisville’s 20-year brain drain is reversing. A comparison of the percentage change in the number of young adults across peer cities would rank Louisville at 5th place, cracking the top tier.

Attributes that distinguish Louisville — public safety, greenspace and parklands, distinctive neighborhoods, affordable housing, arts, cultural and recreational attractions — will continue to retain and attract residents. When combined with efforts to improve traffic congestion, environmental issues and health status—Louisville’s Quality of Place will continue to increase.