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Physical Environment

Physical Environment accounts for 10% of overall Health Factors, according to County Health Rankings. Physical Environment equally weighs two factors: air and water quality & housing and transit.


Among peers, Louisville ranks 9 of 17 in Physical Environment

Physical Environment



Source: County Health Rankings


Louisville ranks 15 of 17 among our peers in Air and Water Quality

Air and Water Quality is a composite score of two measures: air pollution—particulate matter and drinking water violations.

Air and Water Quality Rank



Source: County Health Rankings


Louisville ranks 17th of 17 among our peers in Air Quality

Air pollution only



Source: County Health Rankings


Louisville ranks 11 out of 17 for Drinking Water Violations

Drinking Water Violations is the percentage of the population getting water from a public water system with at least one health-based violation during the reporting period. Health-based violations include Maximum Contaminant Level, Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level and Treatment Technique violations.

Drinking Water Violations – image coming soon



Source: County Health Rankings


Louisville ranks 3 of 17 in Housing & Transit

Housing and Transit is a composite score that includes the following three measures: severe housing problems, driving alone to work, and long commute-driving alone. Note: all except Memphis were within one standard deviation of the mean.

Housing and Transit Rank





Source: County Health Rankings



Louisville ranks 3rd for Severe Housing Problems

Severe Housing Problems is the percentage of households with at least 1 or more of the following housing problems:

  1. housing unit lacks complete kitchen facilities;
  2. housing unit lacks complete plumbing facilities;
  3. household is severely overcrowded; and
  4. household is severely cost burdened.

Severe overcrowding is defined as more than 1.5 persons per room. Severe cost burden is defined as monthly housing costs (including utilities) that exceed 50% of monthly income.


Severe Housing Problems



Source: County Health Rankings


Louisville ranks 9 out of 17 for Driving Alone

Driving Alone to Work is the percentage of the workforce that usually drives alone to work.

Driving Alone



Source: County Health Rankings


Louisville ranks 8th for Long Commute – Driving Alone

Long Commute – Driving Alone is the percentage of commuters, among those who commute to work by car, truck, or van alone, who drive longer than 30 minutes to work each day.

Long Commute



Source: County Health Rankings


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings